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Rainbow Jewelers: a particular store in Kingston

Rainbow Jewelers has proudly served the community for 48 years, and this month marks the family business’s 20th anniversary on Wyoming Avenue.

Rose Marie ‘Mama Rose’ Wateski, 76, said the key of store’s success“In this business, it’s how you treat your customers,” “If your fair and honest, that’s what keeps people coming back.”

The store is run by matriarch Mama Rose and her children: Deanna Thomas, Rose Marie and Stan.

“Every year the business gets busier and busier and we’re constantly meeting new people,” said Rose Marie. “We’ve seen generation after generation of customers.”

The Wateski family business has a unique and curious origin story: “I was working in a bar at the time and I met this guy who asked me if I wanted to have a jewelry party,” Wateski said. “It was a hit and I began to connect with more people and we started selling jewellery at fairs out of a motor home.”

Wateski said after outgrowing the motor home, the business found a permanent spot: “We spent 20 years in our house in Swoyersville,” she added. “When our current location came up for sale, we jumped on it right away.”

The key of Rainbow Jewelers success: the personal treat

The owners of Rainbow Jewelers has not felt the impact of online shopping: “jewellery is a personal item,” Rose Marie said. “People like to feel it, they like to touch it, see it in person. It’s a tangible item. A lot of people when they come here ask us for guidance, that’s something you can’t get when making an online purchase.”

It doesn’t matter if you spend $5 or $5,000, the staff in this place treat everyone the same according to Rose Marie.

“We don’t treat people like a customer or give them preference on the money they spend, we treat everyone like family,” she said. “We have a lot of care for the people that walk through our doors. We meet people at their highs and at their lows.”

Besides the many items Rainbow Jewelers has to offer, the business also repairs and cleans jewelry, update vintage pieces, as well as selling watch batteries and bands.

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